Top 10 Google Chrome Tips And Tricks Most Users Should Know

Google Chrome is not the first browser on the Internet, but it’s now growing up and taking a big piece of the market share. According to the statistic, millions of users are now using Google Chrome as their default browser. The primary point is because it offers a lot of handy features, including simple user interface, extensions, sync function and much more.

If we compared to all the other browsers regarding overall performance, Google Chrome might not be the most efficient web browser. However, it is still the most popular web browser that a lot of users trust and use. Therefore, we are going to share with you a few handy tips and tricks, to help you use this web browser better and more efficient.

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Top 10 Google Chrome Tips Most Users Should Know

These tips will help you use built-in features of Google Chrome faster and more efficient. Besides, there are several features you might not have known they exist in the Chrome browser.

1. Search From A Specific Websites

What would you do when you want to search something from a particular site, such Most users will go to and then use the “ + search term” structure to find what they want.

But you might not know that you can do the same thing within the Chrome browser. Just need to type: + Space + search term and then press Enter. You can replace the domain name with any other domain that you want to search from.

Built-in search function in Google Chrome

The only downside of is that you can’t use this tip for a new site that you haven’t visited yet. As a result, Google Chrome browser will not automatically recognize the search feature. If you want to make it works, you need to load that website and use a search function several times to let Google Chrome recognizes it. Otherwise, you can manually add it to your browser from Settings -> Manage search engines.

2. Search For Something In Your Gmail

Technically, it works the same as the tip #1 as we mentioned above. However, you need to add it manually to make it works. Get back into the “Manage search engines” option and then add the following details into the required boxes:

  • Search engine’s name: Gmail
  • Keyword:, or
  • URL:

Google Chrome: Manage search engines

Once done, you can search for anything in your account as you did with above.

Search within the Google Chrome browser

Also, you can do the same thing with Google Drive by adding the following details to create a customize search function.

  • Search engine’s name: Google Drive
  • Keyword:
  • URL:

It doesn’t help you to save a lot of time but will assist in use Google Chrome browser more efficient.

3. Do Simple Math

What would you do to plus, subtract, multiply or divide several numbers? Many users will use the Calculator application on their mobile phone or will launch the built-in calculator program on the computer to complete the math. However, if you are surfing the Internet with your Chrome browser and don’t want to leave it, then you can do those maths within the browser.

Do simple math in Google Chrome

For example, if you want to do a simple math: 10 + 10, then just type 10 + 10 in the address bar of the Google Chrome browser, it will show you the result immediately. Similarly, you can use: “-” for subtraction, “*” for multiplication and “/” for division.

4. Pin Your Favorite Websites

You have opened too many Chrome tabs, and there is no space left for other tabs, simply right-click on some tabs and select “Pin tab” to pin it ahead and optimize the space. As a result, your pinned tabs will be moved ahead and take up less space than the original.

Pin your favorite tab in Google Chrome

5. Hold Down “Back” Button To View Recently Visited Pages

If you have visited many pages and wanted to preview them again or want to go back to one of them, then you just need to click on the “Back” button and hold. Then a list of recently visited pages will show up, which allows you to select the page that you want to visit again.

Back button in Google Chrome

This trick can also apply for the “Forward” button to view again pages you have visited ahead. Just need to click on the “Forward” button and hold, then the list will appear and allow you to select.

6. Reopen Closed Tabs

You have closed a tab by accident, unintended? Then just need to press Ctrl + Shift + T to reopen it. This trick can be used to re-open multiple tabs you have recently closed as well.

7. Reopen Google Chrome Tabs After Exiting

You have closed the Google Chrome window by accident, and there were several important tabs that you haven’t bookmarked yet? Don’t worry! There is a way to restore all those tabs with a few clicks.

Firstly, re-open Google Chrome browser. Then go to History and choose to restore those closed tabs.

That’s it!

Very simple, right?

8. Task Manager Of Google Chrome

When we talk about Task Manager, most of you will think about Windows Task Manager, which often used to manage apps and processes in Windows. However, Google Chrome has a similar feature, which allows us to manage its tabs, as well as view how much CPU/RAM each tab is using, and kill a particular tab if you want to.

Task Manager in Google Chrome

To use this feature, go to More tools -> Task Manager, or simply press Shift + Esc when you are in the Chrome browser.

9. Ctrl + [1-9] To Switch Between Google Chrome Tabs

You often use Ctrl + Tab to switch between opening tabs in Google Chrome? There is a simpler method you can use to switch between Google Chrome tabs, and it’s more accurate.

By pressing Ctrl + a number from 1 to 9, you will immediately change to the tab number #1 to number #9, respectively. For example, if you want to switch to the first tab, press Ctrl + 1. Similarly, if you want to move to the second tab, press Ctrl + 2.

However, this trick is only useful when you have a few tabs as it’s easier to remember numerical order of each tab so that it will be more efficient. In case of having many opening tabs, use Ctrl + Tab to switch among of them is better.

10. Set Particular Sites To Open When Launching Google Chrome

Did you know that you can set specific websites to open with, when launching Google Chrome? Simply go to Settings and click on the “Set pages” option under On startup.

Startup Pages in Google Chrome

We hope these tips and tricks will help you use Google Chrome faster and more efficient than before. We would also recommend logging into a Google account to use the Sync feature to sync all the bookmarks, history, passwords and other settings over the devices, as well as backup them.

If you have any questions regarding this article or Google Chrome, feel free to ask by leaving your comment below.

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