The Not Secure Tag Appears When You Type Anything On HTTP Sites

We have told you about the Not Secure tag in the previous post. When you visit an HTTP website with has a login form or collect users’ data, Google Chrome will warn you that this site isn’t secure with the Not Secure tag in the address bar.

However, since the latest update, the Google Chrome version #62, this warning will have appeared more often. According to the information that we recently received, when you visit an HTTP website and type anything there, this Not Secure tab will also appear, even it’s a search form.

Google Chrome: Mark all HTTP sites as Not Secure

It seems that Google Chrome considers marking all HTTP sites with this tag, even it’s just a news web page without asking users’ information. Eventually, the purpose is to make all HTTP sites to move to HTTPS. Google has released this secure protocol as an official ranking factor. And now, they are working to mark all HTTP sites as not secure, which could hurt user experience and force those website owners to move to HTTPS.

HTTP search

What do you think? Is it a good move or the wrong one?

Source: Chromium Blog

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